Limmud promises you that wherever you find yourself, Limmud will take you one step further on your Jewish journey. Informing us behind-the-scenes and at each of our events are our values: 

These values are shared by all of the Limmud events around the world. To learn more about Limmud International click here.

Respect: We expect all participants to be respectful of one another and to recognize that all volunteers are also participants.

Enabling Connections: We recognize the valuable opportunity we have to provide a space where spiritual, emotional, and intellectual connections are made and fostered.

Participation: We believe that every participant has the potential to contribute something to the Limmud.

Empowerment: We encourage participants to embrace their potential to make Limmud the best experience it can be.

Diversity: We seek to create cross-communicational and inter-generational experiences for all Jews of every background. Our programming touches on different types of Jewish perspectives to make the conference accessible and relatable for everyone.

Learning: We encourage the creation of a learning environment in which everyone should be a student and anyone can be a teacher as we are all able to reflect, grow, and give over our own ideas to others.

Expanding Jewish Horizons: We strive to create individual, collective, and communal experiences, through which we strengthen and develop our Jewish Identity.

Arguments for the Sake of Heaven: We recognize and appreciate that “arguments for the sake of heaven” can make a positive contribution to furthering our education and understanding. We do not participate in legitimizing or delegitimizing any religious or political position found in the worldwide Jewish community. This is a safe space where personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Religious Observance: We seek to create an inclusive environment for all participants whatever their religious observance practices. We expect all participants to respect shabbat and kashrut observance during Limmud programming.

Community and Mutual Responsibility: Limmud is a community of learning. We believe we can all benefit from learning from one another in an environment focused on respect and open-mindedness.