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We listened! You said you would love to talk one on one with the people behind initiatives that enrich our Jewish lives. From a bone marrow donor swab to a family tree, from learning how a scribe works, to discovering how adults with disabilities are artists, Marketplace is rich in these offerings.


Ezer Mizion is home to the World’s Largest Jewish Bone Marrow Registry, with almost one million DNA samples registered and over 3300 lives saved to date. The size of the registry helps us facilitate over 30 life saving bone marrow transplants per month in Israel and around the world, with 57 in Canada so far. Although the Bone Marrow Registry is our most prized achievement, Ezer Mizion is also Israel’s largest health support service, offering health and therapy related services to over 800,000 people each year.    

If you are between the ages of 18-45 please stop by our table at Marketplace and get swabbed. Not sure? Not ready? Have questions? We have informal info sessions throughout the day and would love to talk to you.


The essence of my art practice is bringing stories to life. These originate in personal experiences, treasured anecdotes of my clients, and the richness of secular and religious literature.

For the past six years my major pursuit has been Torah Stitch by Stitch, a profound project of engagement and education involving over 1400 stitchers in 28 countries.

With our Tapestry of Spirit exhibition in place at the Textile Museum of Canada (until November 17), it’s time to return to my beautiful studio and creating works of hiddur mitzvah for public spaces, homes and individuals.  

Please visit my website temmagentles.com.


Are you curious about your family’s roots?  Do you need help getting started in your research?

Here’s your chance to get going!  Members of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto (JGS Toronto), stationed in Limmud’s Marketplace area, are very keen to share their knowledge, based on their years of personal experience!  They will be there to assist you in searching databases on the internet to find records pertaining to your family names, regardless of background or nationality.   JGS Toronto members will also be able to provide you with tips and guidance as to how to conduct your own research. Be sure to drop by so that you can increase your knowledge of your family history!


“The Aleph Bet and The Soferet” is an informal workshop where the soferet Laya Crust will introduce you to the tools used for writing a Torah scroll. You can try your own hand at Hebrew lettering. Laya will also be doing demonstrations: you can have your name written in Sofer StaM letters, and take home your own personal lettering sample!

Laya Crust is an internationally recognized artist and soferet creating art in a variety of media. Laya learned the ancient art of sofrut in order to create a kosher, handwritten Megillat Esther. Laya combines art and lettering to create ketuboth, ceremonial objects, and presentation pieces for international organizations. Her work is in private collections throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Laya keeps a busy international schedule of projects, lectures and workshops. 

Visit the art exhibit at the Beth Tzedec Synagogue

1700 Bathurst Street, Toronto, open 7 days a week

website:  www.layacrust.com

blog:  layacrust.wordpress.com


The Academy for Jewish Religion was founded in 1956 with a pluralistic vision. We offer programs leading to rabbinical ordination, cantorial ordination, an MA in Jewish Studies, a streamlined program offering rabbinic ordination to ordained cantors and a Kol Bo program allowing students to attain both rabbinic and cantorial ordinations simultaneously.

AJR’s distance learning opportunities, with hybrid classrooms, allow offsite students from the entire country and abroad, to study in real time with students present in our classrooms.

Our rabbinic curriculum emphasizes rigorous text study, spiritual growth, and professional skills, with additional focus on entrepreneurial leadership.

AJR’s new cantorial curriculum reflects its vision of pluralistic Judaism. Along with a strong curriculum in the classical cantorial arts and traditional nusah Ashkenaz, it envisions the cantor as a shaliah shalom, a messenger of peace, introducing courses taught from the perspective of Peace Studies – in a Jewish context.


ADRABA is a Jewish high school learning experience unlike any you’ve encountered before.

We have a single goal.  We want to advance the next generation of literate Jews so we can all meaningfully engage with our history, traditions and values.

With teachers and cutting-edge technology, we reimagine a millennia-old approach to Jewish learning so we all can continue the Jewish conversation and lead it into the next century.

Our Part-Time Program begins in October, 2020. 

For more information about our program or high school credit options, contact us at (437) 777-2372, info@adraba.ca or at our website adraba.ca


Koren Publishers Jerusalem maintains an unrelenting commitment to intellectual rigour, textual purity and thoughtful design. From halakhic research to literary scholarship, typographic design to final production, Koren Publishers Jerusalem upholds the highest possible standard. Koren brings people to the heart of the Hebrew sources as it makes those sources meaningfull to an ever-expanding audience. It respects the rich body of Jewish thought as it offers wisdom from today’s leading Jewish thinkers.  Imprints under the Koren flagship are: Koren, Maggid, Menorah, Ofeq, and Toby Press.


Groundhog Press is selling the novels The Kanner Aliyah and Head of the Harbour by Halifax-born, Toronto writer Mark Gordon. Both delve into the psyche and experiences of a Jewish youth as he grows into manhood.  Many of the themes are universal, while some explore what it means to be Jewish in the diaspora and in the Israel of the 1960s.  At the moment, the company has no website, but can be reached via groundhogpress@rogers.com.  (Please note: We are not currently accepting submissions, sorry.) 

The Fiddlehead wrote of The Kanner Aliyah, “Not a page lacks compelling interest…Mark Gordon could go anywhere that his genius and courage my lead.”  Bernard Baskin in the Hamilton Spectator called Head of the Harbour an “intense recital of youthful sturm und drang…written with unflagging determination and verve.”

Special offer for Limmud:  The books have been selling for $15.95.  Limmud Special: $12 each, or 2 for $20


Yofi Bazaar is a curated Judaica store stylized for the modern palette. Based in Toronto, we travel the globe; continuously searching for inspiration, new artists, and craftworkers. With an appreciation of old world Judaism, modern artistry, and a true love for all things beautiful – the aim is to bring those findings to you. We will be showcasing innovative and fashion forward one-of-a-kind Judaica from around the world. We will be featuring the bold new collection from Mi Polin (the only Polish Judaica designers). Judaica inspired by pre-war Jewish Poland, these items are unlike any other. 


Camp Shomira Canada offers the highest quality informal education to prepare young people for real life, as they practice leadership skills, advocate for social and environmental justice, and build a connection to progressive Jewish values and Israel.

In our youth-led community, our chanichim builds life-long friendships as they take ownership over their experience, as they develop their sense of agency and responsibility for shaping the world in accordance with their values.


Leora Freedman

Yvonne Green

Charles Heller


Sylvia Solomon

Maurice Yacowar/Shtisel