Can you be a Limmud presenter?

  • Are you an academic with a subject that you’re passionate about, and you know how to teach?
  • Are you a rabbi or teacher for some Jewish learning that you’re keen to share?
  • Are you an itinerant darshan?
  • Are you involved in Jewish public life or Jewish social action with a story to tell?
  • Are you a knowledgeable amateur enthusiast about some aspect of the Jewish world?
  • Are you a Jewish writer, artist, poet or storyteller, looking to share your creativity with an engaged audience?

Embrace the Limmud principle: מִכָּל מְלַמְּדַי הִשְׂכַּלְתִּי  “From all who have taught me have I become enlightened.”

We seek a full range of topics: text study, Jewish history, social action, arts & culture, and much more. We are open to a full range of formats – lecture, interactive, hevruta-style small group, PowerPoint with Q&A and participatory readings.

We invite new Presenters to prepare proposals. We invite past Presenters to submit new proposals. We welcome both experienced teachers and fresh voices sharing areas of personal expertise.

Embrace the Limmud principle “Every Learner can be a Teacher. Every Teacher should be a Learner.”

Want more information? Read our frequently asked questions.

The applications portal for Limmud 2023 has closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted.