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Limmud is an important one-of-a-kind event, bringing together a rich diversity of speakers, authors, artists, students, advocates, performers and enthusiasts among the Jewish community in Toronto. Limmud is an exceptional opportunity to unite as teachers and learners, and creates cross-communal and inter-generational experiences.

Yes, we would love your help

Limmud Toronto, like all Limmud events worldwide, presents events that are completely volunteer-run and volunteer-driven. We need YOU to make it happen! We’re inviting leaders and volunteers to help organize this year’s festival. We are assembling a talented, creative team to shape our next festival. And we have a seat for you at the table. Want to get involved? Reach us at to tell us what you can bring to Limmud Toronto.

Team overview

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The Programming Team plans and coordinates all discussions, panels, performances, presentations, and workshops at the annual Limmud event. Our volunteers recruit presenters from all walks of Jewish life, reflecting the diversity of Limmud participants.

The Marketing Team develops a proactive and exciting marketing campaign with the goal of broadening our outreach and ensuring that Limmud Toronto is attended by a diverse group of people representative of the greater community. Our responsibilities include creating dynamic print- and web-targeted marketing materials, guerrilla marketing activities, person-to-person outreach, and social media campaigns.

The Logistics Team plays a key role in interacting with participants to enhance their conference experience. Logistics is responsible for the on-site logistical and practical aspects of the conference that will ensure the comfort and safety of participants, including ticket sales, coordinating with the venue, assisting with technology needs, recruiting and training day-of volunteers and hosts.

The Fundraising Team represents Limmud to community organizations. Our Fundraising team plays a critical role in shaping the Limmud festival by coordinating with partners so that we can be as inclusive and accessible as possible. 

The Limmud Toronto Chairs coordinate between the various committees, oversee the development of the event, and represent Limmud to the Media and Public. Each year’s festival is a bit different, and the Chairs can direct the team’s creativity to new themes and discussions.

Have any questions? Our FAQ and your answers are here.

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